The brand

CALICANTO is not only a luxury bag brand, but it is also a story made of passion for leather goods and the dream of a family that has dedicated decades to women's accessories in leather.

Discover our maison ...

The Beginning

Calicanto was born from the vision of our Designer and Art Director Pietro Leonardi. Architect by profession, he conceives the Calicanto bags inspired by his muse: Venice, drawing inspiration from the shapes of the buildings and the materials that make up the city

Style and form: Biennale is born

Biennale is the undisputed icon of Calicanto. Drawing inspiration from the homonymous Venetian exhibition, this bag is mainly characterized by the three-dimensional game that is rendered on the front. Biennale is a complex accessory, designed for those who love to be bold

Cutting-edge craftsmanship

Our bags are created thanks to the knowledge of our expert craftsmen and the use of the latest design and leather cutting technologies. Calicanto is a clear example of how man and machine combine to give you a unique, elegant and long-lasting product

Want to find out more?

If you are curious about our history or simply want more information about our brand, write to our contact section. We will be happy to accommodate your every request