CALICANTO thanks you for your purchase. Read all of our tips below to make your accessory look gorgeous every time.
    - Avoid prolonged exposure to light, heat and humidity: these factors can alter the natural conditions of the skin and therefore change the appearance of the product (eg. Wrinkles, faded color, spots ...)
    - Avoid contact with oily substances, make-up and solvents: chemical and aggressive products can irreparably ruin your accessory.
    - Clean the skin with a light and natural wax: to clean your accessory you just need a little natural wax and patience. The result will be flawless and the bag will always look new.
    - Avoid prolonged contact with other leather items: Different and different colored leathers can naturally "lose" pigment and get dirty between them.

Ultimately we always advise you not to overfill the bag, regardless of the leather used and its volume. Store your item in a cool and dry place, inside the bag provided for sale.

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