Artisanal Bags

Handcrafted bags have always been a fashionable accessory and are considered better than standard bags because they are the result of a perfect combination of art and technical ability.

Discover the characteristics that differentiate a particular handmade bag from a standard bag.

Handmade leather bags

The materials used for the creation of handcrafted bags are of the highest quality: Calicanto bags are handcrafted bags made of real leather. Each bag is treated in every detail since every phase of processing is carried out by hand by artisans who, in this context, have a greater attention to detail than a machine. Each handmade bag is unique in its kind because it is the result of the inventiveness of real artists. Furthermore, the products differ from each other even if it is the same model because the real leather being a "biological" material is never uniform even if it has undergone the same manufacturing processes. Even within the same bag there may be slight variations.

The machines, although infallible, sin of inventiveness and creativity that only a craftsman has; the machines are designed to mass-produce in the same way without any slight difference from one bag to another. This does not give the bag any personality.

The Calicanto bags that can be purchased online are in real leather, or in quality. They are all well finished in the seams and treated in detail. Calicanto are luxury bags: quality has its price.

By purchasing a Calicanto handbag you will be sure that your bag will be:

- unique, made by craftsmen who put creativity and passion into it;

- resistant, because the real leather over time does not lose quality and does not deteriorate, moreover the seams and decorations will last much longer;