The Calicanto brand can count on artisans with decades of experience in the production of luxury bags and accessories. Our goal is to always aim for excellence, from design to the finished bag
Thanks to this environment, Calicanto guarantees its customers high quality standards and products compliant with the major certifications in terms of eco-sustainability and safety

Concept Design

Design is a fundamental part of the production process. The creative direction is entrusted to our stylist, who proposes new concepts that our designers will materialize in what will be the next Calicanto creation

Avant-garde and Tradition: a winning dualism

To produce our bags we rely on the skill and knowledge of our craftsmen. However, times change and technology advances. To keep pace, Calicanto has invested in cutting-edge production processes, capable of guaranteeing precise and rapid production. Obviously the human hand will always be present, and it is this union that makes our bags unique