Our Maison

Calicanto Luxury Bags was born from the dream of combining the artisanal tradition of high fashion leather goods with an innovative and cutting-edge design. Through our creations we want to communicate elegance, refinement and attention to detail; characteristics that make each bag unique. Our inspiration comes from the urban and natural landscape of Venice which, like a thread, conceptually unites all our lines

How a Calicanto's bag is made?

The idea is the fundamental core of every bag we create. We like to think of our laboratory as a creative workshop, where concept and planning give shape and structure to our designer's intuition.

The Calicanto's materials

The selection of raw materials is the crucial point to guarantee excellent quality standards. Our leathers are supplied by the best tanneries and the metalwork is tested by our experts to guarantee integrity and safety. Thanks to the expert hands of our craftsmen, these materials take shape and become bags ready to give you a unique emotion

From the factory...directly in your hands

Once the bag is completed, a careful cleaning and quality control process follows. Once the excellence of the product has been checked, it is packaged with care and entrusted to our couriers, who will bring the bag directly to your home. All you have to do is enjoy the new Calicanto bag