Calicanto is a place where artisanal “Made in Italy” creations reveal something that comes from love and commitment, a place that represents an understanding of style.

Calicanto has created a custom-made space for its artisans, a laboratory, enstablished in Venice, full of ideas and passion that is a tangible dream to be lived, where it is possible to rediscover the exclusivity of handmade artisanal work.

The company’s DNA is Italian, as its taste for quality which is infused into all its collections and creations, where the key to mixing colours, patterns and materials is elegantly balanced.


The consolidated experience of the internal creative team combined with the innovative design techniques, mark the creation of every product. The first design starts the research for carefully selected and studied high quality leather and accessories which, through the combination with new and innovative processes, give life to a unique product with a cutting-edge design. The unmistakable expression of “Made in Italy” and craftmanship.


This represents an example of the company’s expertise in selecting the finest materials, in executing faultless assembly processes and in applying the most valuable manufacturing techniques to outline timeless and functional shapes.