72 Seasons

Calicanto relies on the ancient Japanese Kyureky calendar to celebrate the wonder of the world in its cyclical regeneration.

  72 beginnings, 72 moments to realize that natural mutability hides wonders and surprises around us to celebrate, to freeze the moment, to glorify it by filling it with poetry and inspiration.

  4 seasons divided into 24 periods of time in the ancient calendar, separated into 3 parts, to therefore identify 72 seasons to face with wonder and enchantment.

  Each micro_season will be rhythmically celebrated by Calicanto through graphic works inspired by temporal evolution and what that time naturally governs and causes.

  We match our objects to a macro-period that will return inexorably, hoping that the spirit will become that form we were passionately seeking;

  that observation gives surprise,

  that an object can glorify renewal.

  Every 5 days an appointment, every 5 days a little precious joy.